The variety and grade of the color masterbatch.

The color mother is divided into the following varieties according to different USES.

(1) the advanced injection moulding mother is used for advanced products, electronic and electrical product shells, cosmetic packaging boxes. It has a good heat and light resistance to basic pigments. The combination of pigments is more complex, the color quality is more dense, the color is rich, and the product is artistic. Especially the cosmetic box color mother, is the highest color mother.

(2) ordinary injection plastic mother is used for general daily plastic products, industrial containers, toys, etc.

(3) low-grade color mother is used to make low level containers, such as low level industrial containers, containers, garbage cans, garbage bags, etc.

(4) the drawing of the spinning mother is used for spinning fibers, which requires a strong coloring force and a higher concentration. The resistance to light and heat resistance of the basic pigment is very high and the particle size requirement is very fine.

(5) advanced blown film color mother is used to make ultra-thin products.

(6) ordinary blown film color mother is used for the blowing of general packing bags, and the blowing and coloring of the textile bag flat wire.

(7) the silk ribbon color mother is used in the manufacture of PP foam imitation silk ribbon, which is widely used in the gift binding of department stores.