How to pay attention to the relationship between the color material and the raw materials and auxili

The colouring material of the color masterbatch must pay attention to the collocation relation between the color material and the plastic raw material and the auxiliary agent, and the selection point is as follows.

(1) the dispersion and coloring power of the color material should be good. When the color dispersion is not uniform, the appearance performance of the products will be affected. When the color stain is poor, the amount of color material will be increased and the material cost will be increased. The dispersion and coloring power of the same color in different resins are not the same, so it should be taken care of when choosing color materials. The particle size and dispersity of the color are also related. The smaller the particle size, the better the dispersion and the stronger the coloring power.

(2) the color material can not react with the resin and various auxiliaries, strong solvent resistance, small migration, good heat resistance, etc. In other words, the color masterbatch cannot participate in various chemical reactions. If carbon black can control the curing reaction of polyester plastics, carbon black is not added to polyester. Due to the high temperature of plastic molding process, the color material should not be decomposed and discoloured under the condition of forming heating temperature. Generally inorganic pigment is good heat resistance, organic pigment and dyestuff are poor heat resistance, which should be paid enough attention when choosing color variety.

(3) other properties of color materials should be understood, such as plastic products used in food and children's toys, which should be non-toxic. For the plastic products used in electrical appliances, the electric insulating material should be selected. Used for outdoor plastic products, should choose the weatherproof aging performance good color material.