Technical Engineer

Release date: July 29, 2017 Work location: Zhangjiagang

Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for the research and development of plastic modified products and the improvement of existing products;

2. Responsible for controlling the production process of plastic modified products, analyzing and solving abnormal technical problems;

3. Responsible for introducing and tracking new products and processes;

4. Responsible for the technical improvement of existing production facilities and the introduction of new technologies.


1. Master's degree or above, major in polymer or related fields;

2. More than 1 year of experience in chemical production or technical work, with priority given to those with experience in modified engineering plastics industry;

3. Have a certain understanding and contact with chemical equipment such as extrusion and injection molding, and have a solid theoretical foundation and practical experience;

4. Strong communication and analytical skills, with a certain level of problem-solving ability, innovation ability, and experimental design ability;

5. Strong sense of responsibility and career ambition, able to endure hardship and hard work.

Sales Engineer

Release date: July 29, 2017 Work location: Zhangjiagang

Our company's products are mainly industrial products, with a customer base of automobiles, high-speed trains, electronic appliances, electric tools, etc.

Domestic enterprises have a high level of popularity and have their own well-known products, with domestic enterprises ranking high.

Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for product sales tasks in the jurisdiction;

2. Responsible for planning and executing sales activities within the sales area, achieving sales targets;

3. Explore new markets, develop new customers, and increase the scope of product sales;

4. Maintain and enhance existing customer relationships;

5. Complete some technical support work and engage in technical exchanges with clients;

6. Responsible for collecting market and industry information to deepen understanding.


1. College degree or above, with no restrictions on majors;

2. More than 1 year of sales work experience, with priority given to sales experience in plastic materials;

3. Strong customer communication skills and high business processing skills, with a good team collaboration spirit;

4. Strong learning ability and a spirit of challenge;

5. The conditions for outstanding fresh graduates will be appropriately relaxed.